Edmonds Town Centre Cycling Network

This project will provide protected, connected and continuous cycling connections to key areas and destinations in the Edmonds neighbourhood. This includes the Edmonds SkyTrain Station as well as the broader City and regional cycling network, such as BC Parkway and the Highland Park Line Trail. These improvements will help encourage and promote cycling as a sustainable and active mode of travel for everyone.

Cycling is a convenient, comfortable and sustainable transportation choice, and is a great form of exercise that can improve physical health and mental well-being. We’re striving to develop a cycling network that is suitable for all ages and abilities (AAA) and is attractive, comfortable and safe for children, young adults, seniors and new cyclists while also serving experienced cyclists. We’re making these improvements in support of the City’s Climate Action Framework and guided by the policies and initiatives described in Burnaby’s Transportation Plan, Connecting Burnaby.

We’re striving to minimize impacts to local residents while enhancing the safety and experience of our vulnerable road users, including pedestrians and cyclists. Throughout this project, we will consider and balance the needs of all roadway users. Community members are able to provide their feedback throughout the pilot period, which allows us to monitor, collect data and make any changes as needed.

No, we do not anticipate any changes in access for emergency vehicles at this time. We will consult with emergency service providers to minimize any impacts.

No, we do not anticipate any impacts to garbage collection at this time.

We’re in the process of collecting parking and motor vehicle traffic data to help inform what types of cycling routes should be considered for each corridor in the neighbourhood. Parking is most likely to be impacted on corridors with high traffic volumes where traffic diversion is not a suitable option. We’ll consider existing on-street parking demand to minimize impacts and confirm the recommended route and type of treatment.

Throughout the pilot period, community members have the opportunity to try out the new cycling improvements and provide informed feedback about their experiences and how the facilities can be improved for all road users. We welcome feedback for the duration of the rapid implementation pilot.

The feedback gathered from Phase 1 will be used to make adjustments to the Phase 1 corridors and inform the designs that will be developed for Phase 2.

The Phase 1 pilot period ran from May to September 2023. The project team is reviewing all feedback received and will make design adjustments and updates as needed based on this feedback.

If you have a general question about this project, please email EdmondsCyclingNetwork@burnaby.ca or call 604-294-7440. We will update these questions and answers based on the common questions and comments we receive.