What's happening now?

In spring 2023, we constructed neighbourhood bikeways and other cycling improvements along five corridors using a rapid implementation (“quick build”) process as part of Phase 1. Community members shared their voice on the upgrades through an online survey and in-person pop-up events. Their feedback is being used to make adjustments to the corridors as needed.

In Phase 2, we are constructing additional cycling corridors and making other cycling improvements using the same quick-build process. Burnaby residents and interested parties are invited to share their voice on the proposed improvements to help decide the type of cycling route that is best suited for each corridor before construction. View the display boards to learn more.

We expect to start constructing Phase 2 in spring 2024. The pilot period for the public to try the new routes and provide feedback begins in summer 2024.

About this project

As envisioned in Connecting Burnaby, Burnaby’s Transportation Plan, we’re improving the current cycling network in the Edmonds Town Centre area. These improvements will expand our city’s local and regional cycling network connections and provide protected and continuous cycling routes to key areas in the neighbourhood including schools, parks, commercial retail and major transit hubs such as the Edmonds SkyTrain Station.

The project aims to create a cycling network that is both complete and safe, designed to accommodate individuals of all ages and abilities (AAA). As a City priority initiative that aligns with our Climate Action Framework, it will be implemented in two phases.

The pilot period for Phase 1 closed on September 30, 2023 and a summary of what we heard can be found here. The project team has reviewed community feedback and collected additional data through ongoing monitoring to assess if any additional mitigation measures are needed.

Based on traffic data, parking data and community feedback from Phase 1, design improvements have been developed for the Phase 2 corridors.

Community members are invited to review the proposed improvements and share their voices. We welcome your ideas and suggestions so the project team can design cycling routes that are best suited for each corridor.

We anticipate construction will begin in spring 2024 for Phase 2. The pilot period for this phase where you can try out the new routes and share your voice will start in summer 2024.

Map of Edmonds Town Centre Cycling Network

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What types of improvements are being considered?

The improvements we’re making will help get you where you need to go via cycling routes that are designed to an all ages and abilities (AAA) standard and will encourage cycling to grow as an accessible, safe and comfortable way to travel.

AAA cycling routes will typically help keep cyclists physically separate from moving vehicles or include traffic mitigation measures to address traffic volumes and speeds for a more comfortable and safe cycling experience. We envision a mix of different AAA cycling improvements for the Edmonds Town Centre, taking into account the differences of each street.

These proposed improvements will seek to improve safety for those who walk, roll or cycle and will minimize impacts to on-street parking. We will follow best practices including using a rapid implementation or “quick build” approach to provide the community with a safe and comfortable cycling network across the Edmonds Town Centre area.

Here are some examples of potential AAA cycling facilities that will be considered:

Phase 1 protected bicycle lane on Kingsway

A separate travel lane designated exclusively for bicycle use that is physically separated from motor vehicles and pedestrians by vertical and horizontal elements.

Phase 1 neighbourhood bikeway on Mary Avenue

An on-street bikeway where cyclists and drivers share the road on streets with low traffic volumes and speeds. Improvements to make the bikeway safer may include traffic calming, traffic diversions and facilitated crossings of major streets.

Phase 1 multi-use pathway on 15th Street

An off-street pathway that is shared between people who cycle, walk or roll.

What is rapid implementation?

Rapid implementation, or “quick build”, involves using low-cost and adjustable materials to construct instant cycling routes within the existing curb-to-curb space. Most quick build projects can be constructed in days or a few weeks.

Community members are encouraged to try out the upgraded cycling routes and provide feedback about their experiences and how the routes can be improved for all users. Trying out the quick build routes could spark questions, concerns and ideas for the project team to consider. It also allows the project team to observe, collect data and make adjustments easily.

Diagram showing the rapid implementation process

Questions and answers

View questions and answers about this project. Answers are updated as more information becomes available.