About the project

The City of Burnaby is developing a new community plan for the Royal Oak neighbourhood in southwest Burnaby. As part of that work, we are updating our heritage inventory for the Royal Oak neighbourhood- a list of special places that are valued by the community for their heritage and cultural significance.

What’s happening now?

We’re looking for input from the community on the places that are valued by residents of the neighbourhood and others who call Burnaby home. Places to add to our heritage inventory could include:

  • buildings
  • landscape features
  • monuments
  • streets and street names
  • any other types of resources that make a neighbourhood a special place

Resources on the heritage inventory are not formally protected, and being on the list does not place requirements on the owners of these properties to retain the resources.

We're accepting submissions to the content below until December 10, 2023.

This survey is administered by the City of Burnaby. Personal information collected and used for the purpose of receiving information regarding the Royal Oak Urban Village Community Plan will be managed in accordance with s. 26 (c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. All personal information collected through this survey will remain confidential and de-identified when shared with the public. For questions regarding the collection of Personal Information and receipt of electronic messages please contact: Corporate Communications and Marketing at communications@burnaby.ca.

Map of meaningful Royal Oak locations

Tell us about meaningful Royal Oak locations

Our goals

  • Support the development of the Royal Oak Urban Village Community Plan.
  • Find ways to work with property owners to preserve, commemorate and interpret these resources.
  • Build an understanding of the types of special places that are valued by the community to help us develop Burnaby’s renewed Official Community Plan (OCP), which will set the long term vision for managing the City’s growth.