About this project

The City of Burnaby is acknowledging the 100th anniversary of the introduction of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1923. Recognition of the centenary of this discriminatory legislation includes acknowledging historic discrimination by Burnaby’s municipal government against people of Chinese descent.

In February 2023, Burnaby City Council approved a process to review, acknowledge and apologize for its historic discrimination against people of Chinese descent, with the goal of advancing reconciliation with the Chinese Canadian community. To begin this process, the City is hosting conversations with community stakeholders, and a public survey for residents.

Provide your input

Share your voice on the actions the City should take to address the legacy of historical discrimination in the context of the City of Burnaby. This includes sharing your opinion on special places, stories, and cultural traditions of historical significance to Chinese Canadians that should be recognized by the City.

These opportunities to provide input are available in Traditional and Simplified Chinese as well as English.



This survey is administered by the City of Burnaby. Personal information collected and used for the purpose of receiving information regarding Reconciliation with the Chinese Canadian Community will be managed in accordance with s. 26 (c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. All personal information collected through this survey will remain confidential and de-identified when shared with the public. For questions regarding the collection of Personal Information and receipt of electronic messages please contact: Corporate Communications and Marketing at communications@burnaby.ca.

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What’s happening now?

To guide this process, Burnaby has convened an advisory group which provides advice to staff for engaging with the Chinese Canadian community, and identifies potential actions to take steps towards reconciliation for historical discrimination against people of Chinese descent. This includes acknowledgement, a formal apology and other actions.

As part of the reconciliation process, the City has released a report detailing the discriminatory laws, regulations and policies of the City of Burnaby that targeted people of Chinese descent between 1892 and 1947.

The City is also hosting community dialogue events and storytelling sessions, in partnership with organizations like the Burnaby Intercultural Planning Table and Simon Fraser University.

Our goals

  • acknowledge Burnaby’s history of discrimination against Chinese Canadians between 1892 and 1947 and lead Burnaby through a reconciliation process, including acknowledgement and a formal apology
  • provide opportunities for Burnaby residents affected by historic discrimination against the Chinese Canadian community to share their experiences and family histories
  • ensure Burnaby is inclusive and welcome to everyone