About this project

To help create a city that we all want to live in and be in, we’re developing an Outdoor Aquatic Services and Facilities Strategy. As part of this project, we’re undertaking a study will explore trends in outdoor aquatics, review fair distribution of outdoor aquatic amenities across the city and plan for future needs. The City’s 4 outdoor pools are more than 60 years old and are reaching their end of life. As we consider the future of these pools, we’ll also evaluate wading pools, spray parks and associated washroom services and facilities.

What’s happening now?

Thank you to everyone who shared their feedback on the Outdoor Aquatic Services and Facilities Strategy via the online survey and open houses. We are now reviewing the results.

If you signed up to participate in a focus group, we will be in touch with you soon to provide details.

Our goals

  • meet the needs of Burnaby’s growing population and demographic shift
  • meet or exceed modern standards for outdoor aquatic facilities
  • implement accessibility improvements in the short and long term
  • support strategic planning initiatives that build complete communities
  • learning water safety
  • improving water skills
  • providing fitness and conditioning opportunities
  • providing aquatic rehabilitation programs
  • providing relief from summer heat
  • providing opportunities to foster mental health and wellness
  • providing social gathering places
  • providing programs that are inclusive of all ages and abilities
  • providing enhanced play opportunities

*Source: Statistics Canada: 1996, 2016, and 2021 Census

*Source: Statistics Canada: 1996, 2016, and 2021 Census