What's happening now?

Thank you to everyone who shared their feedback on licence establishments (i.e. pubs, bars, breweries, etc.), retail liquor and retail cannabis stores via the online survey. We are now reviewing the results.

About this project

We’re reviewing the City’s existing liquor and cannabis policies to establish a new, up-to-date policy that will guide the liquor and cannabis licensing applications process while balancing the needs and safety of the community.

As part of this review, we’re looking for opportunities where we can refine, add to or improve the policies currently in place, including:

  • updating City guidelines and processes to better align with current Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) policies
  • modernizing Burnaby's approach to liquor and cannabis licence applications by identifying and filling potential gaps and reducing processing times while balancing market demand and community safety
  • creating a clear and concise policy document that provides transparency and direction for applicants as well as City staff who process the applications
  • reviewing options and criteria for private cannabis stores
  • simplifying the approvals process and times for liquor and cannabis stores and manufacturing facilities

A new policy will also help the City to better respond to changes in the liquor and cannabis industry and market, including:

  • the increase in manufacturer licensees (e.g. breweries, wineries) and how these establishments are evolving
  • the introduction of government-owned and private retail cannabis stores in the province
  • the retail sale of wine in grocery stores
  • liquor service in spas, barber shops, art galleries, etc.