About this project

We’re proposing to build a new community garden in Ernie Winch Park, located near Edmonds Town Centre in southeast Burnaby. This community garden will enable residents to grow healthy food, flowers and other plants at a space owned by the City of Burnaby and administered by Urban Bounty, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to community food security.

What's happening now?

Before beginning construction of the new garden site, we’re reaching out to residents of the neighbourhood around Ernie Winch Park for feedback on the proposed community garden. Share your thoughts on the garden space by completing a short survey below.

Share your voice

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Our goals

With the introduction of more community gardens on City land, we’re aiming to build a sustainable and livable community by providing better local access to community activities, exercise, and fresh, nutritious food. As more people in Burnaby live in housing without private outdoor space, fewer residents have the option to garden in their own backyards. Community gardens provide an opportunity for people to connect, get to know their neighbours, and create community spirit through shared care for the garden. Community gardens can also improve the mental and physical health of the people who participate.

With local food security also top of mind, we’re proposing at least 20% of the harvest of this garden go towards supporting food programs in the neighbourhood. We’ll be finalizing the details on how much is donated and to which programs in the fall of 2024.