What's happening now?

We are getting ready for Phase 2 public consultation (anticipated for late spring 2024) which will seek public input on the detailed draft plan directions for the new Cascade Heights Urban Village Community Plan. Along with other public consultation materials, the Phase 2 detailed draft plan directions will be summarized in the Phase 2 Public Consultation Discussion Guide (Draft).

We’re also developing new community plans for the Edmonds Town Centre and Royal Oak Urban Village neighbourhoods. In addition, we’re renewing Burnaby’s Official Community Plan to set the long term vision for managing the city’s growth. Help plan your city’s future by taking part in this exciting process and sharing your ideas.

About this project

We’re developing a new community plan for the Cascade Heights neighbourhood in south Burnaby. This plan will establish a vision and policy direction and shape how this area will redevelop over the mid to long term.

In addition to creating a thriving urban village with a focus on creating public spaces that promote health, happiness and well-being, the Cascade Heights plan will lay out a range of opportunities for the area, including:

  • new or enhanced parks, trails, community services and amenities for residents
  • enhanced streets, public spaces and green spaces/connections, while maintaining Cascade Heights as a quieter, more locally-focused Urban Village
  • an expanded mix of market and non-market housing options
  • local growth and employment options
  • reinvestment as the existing building stock ages
  • the shift to more sustainable forms of transportation (walking, transit, cycling)
  • the enhancement and connection to the natural environment, including streams, riparian habitats and other environmental assets
  • building community resiliency
  • a carbon neutral community by 2050

The Cascade Heights area is located adjacent to the Burnaby Hospital, just east of Boundary Road.

Our goals

The development of the Cascade Heights Urban Village Community Plan supports significant actions in This is Climate Action, a framework developed to guide how the City will put into action its commitment to be carbon neutral by 2050. Preliminary goals for the community plan will support housing, sustainability and resilience, strengthening links between local and regional jobs, housing and transit, and advancing sustainable community design.

We’re also working to ensure that the new plan is directly aligned with the City’s recently-adopted or updated policies, priorities and strategies, as well as ongoing initiatives, including the Burnaby Official Community Plan Update (Burnaby 2050).

Questions and answers

Read our questions and answers to learn more about the community plan process.

In Phase 1, there are certain areas within the potential plan area boundary that are identified in the Preliminary Land Use Framework as “Future Park or Public Use” spaces. Many of you have been reaching out to ask what this means, and how existing residents and property owners in these areas would be impacted if a property is designated for park or public use in the new Cascade Heights community plan. Please refer to the questions and answers section which addresses this further.

If you have general questions about the community planning process, please email us at CascadeHeightsPlan@burnaby.ca or call 604-294-7828. You can also sign up to stay informed about project related news by clicking on the "Follow" button at the top of this page.