About the Official Community Plan (OCP) Policy Guide

Surveys for this phase closed on June 9, 2024. Thank you to all who provided feedback. You can still use this guide to learn about our proposed Policy Directions for the OCP.

In Phase 3: Drafting, we gathered feedback from the community on our high-level policy directions, growth scenarios and the draft vision, values and guiding principles that were developed based on input received in the first two phases of engagement.

This feedback is being used to refine the draft policies and help prioritize the steps we take to achieve our community’s long-term vision for Burnaby. Stay tuned for updates as we process the results. You can sign up to receive updates on the Official Community Plan project at burnaby.ca/enews.


The draft vision statement, values and guiding principles help define what we want for the community’s future and guide the Policy Directions and growth scenarios.

The two growth scenarios show the pros and cons of growing our city in different ways.

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Policy areas

The high-level Policy Directions for each policy section are based on technical research and what we learned during the first two phases of engagement.

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