About this project

Burnaby is performing a review of Burnaby’s agricultural lands as a part of Burnaby 2050, our Official Community Plan (OCP) update which will guide land use and development throughout the city for the next 25 years. As a part of this process, we reached out to farmers to build a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities of farming in Big Bend, the city’s main agricultural area. In February 2024, we hosted community discussion events to get a better understanding of the state of farming in the Big Bend. We’ll be using the information we collected to create new policies and programs to better support agriculture in this unique neighbourhood.

What’s happening now?

Our community discussion events have wrapped up, and our What We Heard Report is now available. We would like to thank everyone who attended and took time to share their thoughts and experiences with us during the process.

More opportunities to provide feedback on the future of agriculture in Burnaby will be available through our Official Community Plan update process.

Our goals

  • Provide opportunities for farmers to speak with City of Burnaby staff and learn more about our plans and proposals for Big Bend
  • Protect Big Bend’s unique status as a multicultural agricultural centre
  • Create City policies in the Burnaby 2050 Official Community Plan that provide support to Burnaby’s farms and agriculture industry